Conferences and meditations with Jan Noutsos

25 - 27Jan2019

KDear Friends,

We wish you an Happy New Year!

We are delighted to announce our next event : Jan Noutsos, International Travel Teacher and Lama Ole's student,  is coming  in January to give lectures and guided meditations.

Noutsos met Lama Ole Nydahl in Athens in 1997. He took Buddhist refuge there. Since then he co-runs an international retreat center ‘Karma Berchen Ling’ in South Greece. Noutsos began teaching Buddhism in 2005. He lives  in Athens, Greece.

Detailed program :

Friday 25th at 20:30: The Meditation

Saturday 26th at 20:30: The 6 Paramitas 

Sunday 27th at 15:00: Buddhism in Everyday Life

Looking forward to seeing you soon!