The Paris center organizes regular meditations and teachings. Everyone can come here for a first approach to Buddhism, during opening hours to the public several times a week. Explanations, meditations and teachings are given in French and English. No special clothing or accessories.

The centers located in the region have their own schedules, you can contact them directly.

Association law 1901, the Dimanod Way Buddhist Center does not receive any financial assistance. You have the possibility of making offerings, according to your means, if you wish, to help with the functioning of the center in order to associate yourself with the current of positive influence that it represents and to continue its activities in the service of the transmission of the teaching of the Buddha.

Opening hours: See tab « home»

In addition to the pre-listed regular meditations, the center organizes regular teaching and meditation events, delivered by teachers of Diamond Way Buddhism certified by Lama Ole Nydahl, on the dates indicated in the box on the right of the page.