What is “Diamond Way” Buddhism?

The Diamond Way offers the modern world “effective methods that lead to a direct experience of mind,” as explained by the late Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche, one of the most experienced teachers of Tibetan Buddhism. One learns to experience the world from a rich and self-liberating viewpoint. Diamond Way meditations develop a deep inner richness and lead to a non-artificial and unwavering mind where every enlightened activity can unfold.

The term ‘Diamond Way’ is the direct translation of the Sanskrit word ‘Vajrayana’, the Tibetan equivalent is ‘Dorje Tegpa’. There are several reasons why the diamond was chosen as a symbol for this approach. First, the diamond is the most perfect and precious stone, indicating that these are the highest teachings given by the Buddha. Furthermore, it is the hardest stone and has a natural radiance. The diamond thus also refers to the inherent qualities of our mind: it is indestructible – as it was never born – and naturally radiant – as it possesses the ability to bring about and experience all phenomena. The basic confidence that this indestructible radiant clarity is our true essence (called “Buddha nature”) is the foundation of Diamond Way Buddhist practice. Through meditation and integrating the Buddhist view into our daily activities we can develop mind’s inherent power and clarity. The Diamond Way helps us discover and develop our inner richness for the benefit of all beings.